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2016 MRCA Fundraiser Rodeo Draw
If there any errors or problems - please contact the office ASAP. Roughstock draw will be done day of.

MRCA Entry Line: 1-888-501-3021
MRCA Turnout Line: 1-888-908-5246


Turnouts MUST be done no less than 2 HOURS before the PERF

2016 MRCA Double Your Points Fundraiser Rodeo in conjunction with Spy Hill Sports Days - August 14, 2016 in Spy Hill, SK. Entries on Wednesday July 27.


The Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Association

The MRCA approves amateur rodeos in the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and in North Dakota, USA. During the rodeo season, volunteer rodeo committees provide the manpower and facilities to produce each rodeo while local businesses sponsor prize money for the events. Stock contractors coordinate the rodeo contestants, provide bucking horses and bulls for roughstock, and cattle to rope for timed events. Amateur rodeos provide good family entertainment for each town and surrounding community. View the MRCA amateur rodeo schedule for rodeos coming up in your area!

DELTA AIRLINES FLIGHT VOUCHERS worth $1500 USD can be yours for $1500 CDN!!
Vouchers must be redeemed by October 19, but actual travel can occur at a later date. Please contact the office if you are interested in purchasing these vouchers or for further info.

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